Back to School Physicals


Back to school seasons adds many things to a busy parent’s to do list: purchasing school supplies, finding new clothes for your kids and wrapping up summer programs. Don’t let a back to school physical fall by the wayside during this busy time. Getting an annual physical can help your child stay healthy and ensure a successful school year!

Examining Your Child

With busy schedules and to do lists, this often leads to a rush to complete back to school physicals. While some schools require an annual physical, particularly if your child is a student athlete, it is a smart idea for all parents to get their child a school physical annually. This is important for a variety of reasons, including:

Opportunity to Check Developmental Processes

During a routine physical, your doctor will check all of your child’s body systems to ensure there are no apparent problems. This allows you to catch any issues early on and get your child the best early intervention resources available.


A routine physical involves examining your child’s immunization records and ensuring that he or she is up to date with all required immunizations. This may be information that is required for your school to admit your child in the fall.

Concerns for Student Athletes

The annual physical for student athletes should be similar to one for any other child, but most doctor’s will also address some sports-specific issues such as injuries, nutrition, training and exercise programs, and even attitudes in the course of the exam.

The other side of the exercise issue is the young athlete who is already involved in an exercise and training program. Overuse and overtraining injuries continue to be huge problems.

Why Do Schools Require Back to School Physicals Each Year?

Have you ever wondered why your kid needs an annual physical? Numerous things can change in a child’s or teen’s health within a year’s time. Scheduling an annual physical allows you to monitor the growth, health and development of your child in addition to safeguarding against potential physical problems that could arise.

Depending on state and school, annual physical requirements can vary. Your child’s yearly exam ensures that he or she is up-to-date on vaccines to protect against serious diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Safeguarding your child’s health as well as the health of classmates, friends and others in your community is top priority for doctors and school administrators.

Preparing for Your Child’s Annual Physical

It is ideal to prepare your child for an annual physical through a quick overview of what will take place. Have a discussion with your child about what to expect, such as how the doctor will be checking their eyes, nose, ears and weight. Additionally, you should explain which immunizations may be given at that particular appointment. This is an effective way for you and your child to minimize uncomfortable, unexpected procedures and set the tone for a calm environment.

There are also various ways for parents to prepare for their child’s annual physical. Crucial information to have ready before entering the doctors office includes:

  • Changes in family medical history
  • Changes in the child’s health since the last physical
  • List of any over-the-counter medications the child is taking
  • Your family insurance card


Ensuring your child’s long-term health is our top priority here at Brashear Family Medical. Through annual physicals, you are not only protecting your child’s well-being, but also the health of those within your community. Contact us with the link below for more information or to schedule an appointment today!

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