How to Beat the Heat in Texas and Protect Yourself from the Sun this Summer

how to beat the heat in Texas

Summer is here in Texas! This means lots of sunshine, pool time and enjoying the fresh air. However, Texas summers can be extremely hot. Therefore, it’s essential to stay cool, hydrated and safe while enjoying the sunshine during the summer. We we discuss a few ways on how to beat the heat in Texas and protect yourself from the sun.

How to Beat the Heat in Texas and Protect Yourself from the Sun

Dress for the Occasion

Dressing for the occasion doesn’t necessarily mean your first and last resort needs to be a pair of shorts and a tank top, particularly if you’re outside for work.

However, it does mean that it’s necessary to wear or pack a wardrobe that is full of loose and light clothing. This allows more airflow and won’t trap heat and moisture. Some simple cotton blends in light colors can be great whether you are inside or out in the sun. We also recommend hats and sunglasses. This will help to protect the top of your head, eyes and face from the sun’s rays.

Mind Your Vehicle

Living in Texas, you’ve probably experience what it’s like to get in a car that’s been sitting in the sun for any length of time. Therefore, keep this in mind throughout the summer.

According to studies, the temperature in your car can rise almost 20 degrees in just 10 minutes. In another 10 minutes, it will hit 30 degrees. After an hour, the interior of your car can easily reach temperatures 40 degrees higher than the outside air.

This means your car could reach 110 degrees on a 70-degree day. Temperatures of 100 degrees or more are common in Texas. Therefore, you could be pushing more than 140 degrees in your car.

Stay Hydrated

You really need to focus on your water intake, even if you are not running around outdoors or spending your days in the hot sun. Hydration is a critical aspect of staying cool and healthy.

While you don’t need to monitor your fluid loss throughout the day or anything as drastic as that, always keep some water on hand at all times. Therefore, whether you are exploring the city on foot or stuck in traffic somewhere, you will be able to stay nice and hydrated.

Invest in Sunscreen

Purchase a water-resistant sunscreen which is at least 15 SPF to prevent sunburn. Apply the sunscreen twenty minutes before stepping out of the house on every exposed area, including the following:

  • face
  • neck
  • back of the neck
  • hands
  • feet
  • back

Carry your sunblock wherever you go and make sure to re-apply every two hours and especially after swimming or sweating.

Eat Fresh

Avoid eating heavy and oily food. Instead, eat light and add a lot of fresh fruits and salads to your diet. Not only are they are juicy and fibrous, they will keep your body cool and refreshed. Make sure to take your dinner early as well to ensure that you don’t feel heavy while going to bed.

In addition, consider adding buttermilk to your lunch meals. This will help in faster digestion, preventing the feeling of a heavy stomach and control the body temperature.


These are just a few ways on how to beat the heat in Texas and protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

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