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How the Flu Vaccine Works, Symptoms of the Flu and When to Get Vaccinated

Influenza (flu) is a potentially life threatening illness and contagious disease of the respiratory tract caused by a virus. Each year, influenza causes serious infection and death around the globe, usually in the winter months (seasonal influenza).

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Required School Vaccinations

A routine physical involves examining your child’s immunization records and ensuring that he or she is up to date with all required immunizations. This may be information that is required for your school to admit your child in the fall. … Continue reading

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Should Your Child Be Vaccinated?

With a large percentage of parents following unfounded claims about the risks of vaccination, many parents are rethinking its necessity. Are vaccines really safe? Are they even necessary in the modern world? Here’s what you need to know about vaccinating … Continue reading

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Why Should You Vaccinate?

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate, That is the Question. The decision whether to vaccinate your children is one most every parent in the United States is asked to make.  For many, this is a personal choice with significant

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